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My name is Sarah Schrag, and this course is my capstone project for the M.A. in English program at Georgetown University. I designed this project based on my interdisciplinary studies in queer theory, film studies, and English.

Prior to graduate school, I spent eight years teaching high school English in Newark, NJ and Chalmette, LA. For the last three years prior to graduate school, I developed AP English Language and Composition lesson plans used by up to ten other teachers in my school network. I bring to this project a passion for engaging students in critical conversations and fostering their love of literature, film and theory. I also bring to it many years of classroom experience – I know the challenges that teachers face in finding and creating engaging and high-quality curricular materials. I know that I can’t anticipate every teacher’s needs; I’ve built this course assuming that teachers will need to adapt these materials based on student interest, skill level, and the constraints of each particular school’s schedule. However, it is my hope that teachers find these materials to be a useful framework and starting point for exploring two fields that typically receive little attention in high school classrooms, despite their potential for student engagement: cinema studies and queer studies.

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